1.  GERMANY COMPANIES HIRE IN HIGH SPEED AGAIN.         12,718,466 VACANT JOBS IN 2020. Despite C-19!

The video below is for foreign HR agencies. IT also gives information to candidates looking for a job in Germany.

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Germany's HR market for 15+ years already performs exceptionally with repeated record highs in jobs



Germany has a huge "Hidden Job Market". The 12,718,466 vacant jobs in 2020 are "only" the jobs offered online! The total number of jobs to fill is 40 - 70% HIGHER.


Germany's companies already increased their international recruitment activities. Many by 100%. Some even by 300%. Foreign candidates from all over the world profit from that and by Germany's new immigration law.


Germany presents one of the world's lowest unemployment rates. Despite C-19 it is at only 4.6% (ILO). Also Germany in 02.2021 had one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world: 6.1%


Germany's companies have an enormous demand in:

  • trained professionals & skilled workers
  • specialists & experts (= academic)
  • managers of all hierarchies
  • young talents (graduated juniors & apprentices)

German companies expect perfect applications (esp. Cover Letter & CV/Resume)! Also from you as a foreign candidate.


Get knowledge about the German ways of hiring and applying for a job. Then you will get a good job with a good salary and start your successful career in Germany much faster and easier.


Germany's companies pay very high salaries.




As our candidate you receive all company names and freshest data about jobs of course. I Click to enlarge. I The GIFs take some time to load!


  • Germany's 800+ Professions2,300+ Job Titles & Positions And Every Job Title/Position You Look For
  • The Top 20 - 100 Most Hiring Companies In Your Preferred Profession/Position/Title
  • The Current Number Of Vacant Jobs In Each Of 1,000,000+ Companies In Germany 
  • The Salaries In Your Preferred Profession/Position/
    Title (where available) 
  • The Top 10 - 20 Skills Required For Your Preferred Profession/Position/Title 
  • The Trend In Demand In Your Preferred Profession/ Position/Title Over The Past 6 - 12 Months
  • The Top 5 - 10 Most Hiring Regions & Cities In Your Preferred Profession/Position/Title (where available)




Germany's new LAW for work immigration open up extraordinary job opportunities.


European Union (EU)-Nationals can work in all professions.

Nationals from NON-EU-Countries (Third Countries) by the new law for work immigration have high chances, to be accepted for jobs in Germany especially in the following professions:



  • Engineers + Technicians (mechanical, electro(tech)nics, robotic, automotive, automation, civil eng., construction, energy, aviation etc.)
    Ingenieure + Techniker (z.B. Maschinenbau, Elektronik/-technik, Robotik, Fahrzeugbau, Automation, Bauwesen, Energie, Flugzeugbau etc.)

  • Design Engineers (Catia, ProE, SolidWorks, Siemens NX etc.)
    Konstrukteure (Catia, ProE, SolidWorks, Siemens NX etc.)
  • IT-Specialists / IT-Spezialisten (e.g. SAP, JAVA, C/C++, PHP, .NET, Apps, SQL, ORACLE)
  • Medical Specialists / Doctors / Fachärzte (e.g. internal medicine, anaesthesiology, chirurgy, neurology, orthopaedics, accident surgery, gynecology, radiology etc.)
  • Assistant Doctors / Assistenzärzte - with or without experience


(Minimum 2 years of a completed vocational training or similar qualification are expected or required:)

  • Mechatronics (Mechatronik): trained professionals & specialists
  • Industrial Machinists / Mecha(tron)ics / Car Mechanics (Industriemechaniker / Mechatroniker / Kfz-Mechaniker): trained professionals 
  • Automation (Automatisierung): trained professionals & specialists
  • Robotics, Autonomous Systems (Robotik, Autonome Systeme): specialists
  • Construction Electr(oni)cs (Bauelektr(on)ik): trained professionals
  • Electronics Specialists / Electricians (Elektriker / Elektroniker / E-Installateure): trained professionals
  • Electrical Machine Engineering (Elektromaschinentechnik): trained professionals
  • Electrical-Industrial Engineering (Elektrische Betriebstechnik): trained professionals
  • Electronic Systems Technician (Elektroanlagenmontage): trained professionals
  • Industrial Engineering: power switching, control systems, test facility (Prüffeld-Elektronik): trained professionals
  • Industrial Electrics (Industrieelektrik): trained professionals
  • Lightning Protection (Blitzschutz): trained professionals
  • Cable Fitting: long-distance, power transmission, overhead line construction (Kabelmontage: Fern-, Frei- und Fahrleitungsbau): trained professionals
  • Network Fitting (Netzmontage): trained professionals
  • Plant Mechanic: sanitary, heating, air-conditioning (Anlagen-mechanik: Sanitär-, Heizungs-, Klimatechnik): trained professionals
  • Pipe Installation & Maintenance (Leitungsinstallation, -wartung): trained professionals
  • Pipe Fitters / Welders / Tool-Makers and other Metall Workers
    (Rohrschlosser / Schweißer / Werkzeugmacher und andere Metall-Berufe)
    : trained professionals
  • Installing (Installation): trained professionals
  • Plumbing: construction, insulation, etc. (Klempner: Bau, Isolierung, etc.): trained professionals
  • CNC: lathe/turner, programmer, milling/cutter (CNC: Dreher,  Programmierer, Fräser): trained professionals
  • Sanitary, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Cooling Technology (Sanitär-, Heizungs-, Klima-, Kühltechnik): trained professionals & specialists
  • Refrigeration Technology (Kältetechnik): trained professionals
  • Carpenters & Roofers (Schreiner, Tischler & Dachdecker): trained professionals
  • Railway: infrastructure monitoring & maintenance
    (Eisenbahn: Überwachung & Wartung): trained professionals
  • Railway / Train Driving (Zug-, Lokführung, Transport): trained professionals
  • Truck- & Delivery Drivers (LKW-Fahrer): trained professionals
  • Cooks & Gourmet Chefs (Köche): trained professionals
  • Hotel-, Restaurant & Catering Professionals (Hotel-, Restaurant- und Gastronomie-Fachkräfte): trained professionals
  • Marketing & Sales Managers (Sales persons for shops / Verkäufer in Geschäften): trained professionals & specialists 
  • Callcenter-Agents / customer service (minimum B2 needed)
  • Nurses (paediatric, night watch, intensive care, anaesthetic, clinical geriatric, nephrology, oncology, operation, endoscopic surgery, palliative, hospice care, paediatric, psychiatry, rehabilitation, long-term care): trained / registered professionals & specialists  -  with or without experience *)
  • Krankenschwestern (Kinder, Nachtwache, Intensivpflege, Anästhesie, Klinische Geriatrie, Nephrologie, Onkologie, Operation, Endoskopie, Palliativ, Hospiz, Kinder, Psychiatrie, Rehabilitation, Langzeitpflege): trained / registered professionals & specialists
  • Elderly care, geriatric nursing (Altenpflege): trained professionals - with or without experience *)
  • Ambulatory nursing (Ambulante Pflege): trained professionals - with or without experience *)
  • Surgical Technology & Medical Technical Assistance (operations-/ medizinisch-technische Assistenz): trained professionals


Standard Requirements of German HR managers & recruiters towards candidates:

  • Academic degree 
    OR minimum 2 years of a completed vocational training (or a similar qualification)
    OR c
    ertificates about degrees, trainings, work experience
  • Current(!) experience in these professions
  • Acceptable level of German language (depending on profession)
  • Professional application documents. Especially your CV/Resume and Cover Letter must follow the requirements of German companies in content, structure & design.

Be familiar with Germany's hiring process. Contact us for support!


(* Applications from these HEALTH professions from the following countries can NOT be accepted as they show a skills shortage accordig to the WHO: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cent. African Rep., Chad, Comoros, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Congo, Djibouti, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea (Bissau), Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Laos, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a job in my profession?

You have the best chances in the shortage professions. For all other professions the chances are low(er). Ask us for our feedback and rating.


How can I find a job in Germany? What are the "rules"?

In PHOENIX GIR we every day receive applications from excellent, young professionals from all over the world, who want to work in Germany. But you need to accept the reality:

1. Be ready to learn the German language (at least on a conversational level) BEFORE you move to Germany or apply for a job!
You are not ready for? So how can you be hired for a job then? How can you understand your future manager, your colleagues, your tasks, your clients? You simply can't.
Every mistake you would do in your new job will cause you stress and can cost the company time and a lot of money! A German company will invest thousands of Euro in your training period, but not in one basic requirement: Your knowledge of the language. Learn German with PHOENIX GIR. Our courses are cheap, fast and we offer many other services for free.
2) "... but I am really ready to learn the language when I get a contract from the company" ...
Yep, we hear and read this "idea" every day from candidates. But why should an employer give you a contract? Imagine: There are 2 excellent, foreign candidates with the same profile (qualifications, skills, etc.), and one of them already speaks the German language. Who would you hire? ... Honestly: What can you do for the company and the salary you would receive, if you didn't learn some German before? Nearly nothing.
Learn some German before and your chances for a new job with a good salary will explode! Nobody expects a perfect German language from you (depending on the profession of course). Even the Germans don't use their grammar perfectly :-) but for sure you need a "soso level" to have a job interview. And this can be reached - in the best case - in some weeks or a few months - at least with our teachers.
3) "... but I would accept the salary of a helper and even would work in the kitchen of a restaurant, too before I know the language!"
Again no surprising idea from candidates. But:
a) There are already thousands of unskilled German helpers.
b) Thousands of unskilled workers from abroad move to the country ... and leave again as they don't speak the language.
c) You are a qualified, skilled worker or even have a university degree! So you are over-qualified for a helper's job (= a "top 10 reason" not to hire a candidate).
4) "But aren't there multinational companies, that can hire English-speakers?"
Again an idea we hear and read every day ... Of course there are big and medium multinational companies! But ... they are already flooded(!!) by qualified "only English-speakers". English is a basic(!) requirement for many, many jobs anyway. Thus:
a) we offer and even SPONSOR German language courses starting from 2.30 Euro/hour. Our language teachers fully focus on the necessary German "working language".
b) we give honest feedback to a candidate's profile and realistic job chances BEFORE we let them join our courses at all.
5) Ensure that your application is no CATASTROPHE!
Many candidates prepare their application and then email, email, email, email it to hundreds of German companies. But 1 click is done easily by the recruiters! When we speak to our recruiters or to company recruiters we can see it in their eyes: They are shocked about the quality of the applications:
  • CVs with no (good) information.
  • No cover letters at all.
  • Private photos - or even NO photos.
  • Huuuuge mistakes in writing and layout.
  • etc. etc.
Your application is an example for your quality of work! So even a "merciful" employer/recruiter won't forgive you more than 2 mistakes. In our CV writing service we merciless mark every mistake in your application for free BEFORE you offer our service. Usually we find 5 and up to 30!! mistakes in every application. Unfortunately even the Europass CV model in some points is a "critical" model.
6) Do you have a profession + completed training + CURRENT experience in a most wanted profession (=skills shortage profession)?
a) "No..." > Your chances will be very low. There are already enough native candidates.
b) "I don't know - I simply try and hope ..." > Don't waste your time! We can tell you for free for nearly every profession, if there is a realistic chance for your profile in Germany.

All the best for your future and feel warmly welcome in Germany!

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