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By teachers:Learn German and find a new job in Germany


Sponsored German courses on all levels according the European Reference Framework (like Goethe) INCLUDING FREE job placement support for Germany, if you are from a profession from below.


Our language courses include:

  • LOW priced lessons from only 2.30 €/45 min. Learn intensively from your home.

  • YOUR teachers speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Swedish and also some Arabic, Turkish, Byelorussian, Macedonian, Slovene, Danish.

  • FLEXIBLE teaching times. Choose between daytime, evenings, weekends.

  • FREE trial lesson with our Live Online Teachers. Test it. You will love it! 

  • FREE of additional costs. Accessible online from everywhere.

  • BONUS: Free and honest rating of your profile and realistic chances for a job in Germany.

  • BONUS: Free Job Placement Support for candidates with matching profiles (the German employers pay our fee).

  • BONUS: Free online conferences about the German job market and your opportunities.

  • BONUS: Free CV writing consultation and brief consultations for your career.

  • BONUS: Free applying and job interview training with our German recruiters and headhunters.

Why should you learn German with us? 9 things need to know!


1. No German language? = Hardly no contracts in Germany!

The multinational companies in Germany are already flooded from only-English-speaking applicants from all over the world, who "are ready to learn the language only AFTER having signed a contract".

Think about: Would you as an employer really hire a candidate, who doesn't speak or understand your language? You need to understand your tasks, your managers, colleagues and clients. You don't need to be perfect in the Gemran language, but most companies prefer to hire foreign candidates, who already know enough German.


2. Forein German language certificates are "nice", but your real "German working language" decides. German companies don't care too much, if foreign institutes confirm you A2, B1, C2 etc. A short call by phone will show the real language knowledge of every candidate. Thus we teach our candidates in the German working language and prepare them for German job interviews - over and over again.


3. Learn online from the comfort of your home! No need to relocate in order to learn the language

In virtual classrooms you learn the German language effectively and interactively with your teachers. You always start with a German native speaker. No additional costs - we use innovative internet techniques.


4. Our trainers = YOUR coaches

Our performance-oriented trainers teach highly motivated and qualified candidates of different professions and nationalities. They help you to achieve best results very quickly. Their mission: To accompany you on your way to a new job and a new life in Germany.


5. Effective teaching and learning technics

With your trainer's techniques and your motivation you will achieve a good communication level with a large vocabulary smarter and in a much shorter time than in many language schools.


6. No boring grammar: You will learn what you really need!

No need to be "perfect" in our language! None of our clients expects this. Thus you will focus only on the most important grammar and will learn the "Germen working language". As soon as you work in Germany you can expand your language knowledge easily.


7. Intercultural training

Our trainers will give you important insights into the German culture and habits, so that you will feel at home in Germany quickly after you signed your new contract.  


8. Help with applications

As soon as our students achieved a defined level in the German language our trainers, the headhunters and recruiters of PHOENIX GIR will train you professionally in the German way of applying (which is quite different from other countries) and for job interviews in German companies. 


9. JOB Placement Programme (JOB PP) for matching candidates

PHOENIX GIR looks for qualified professionals all over the world. Therefore we created the JOB PP. It is 100% free of costs, if you have a matching profile (completed training, certificates, at least first experience and a defined level in the German language) in one of the following professions:
  • Engineers + technicians (mechanical engineering, electro(tech)nics, automotive, robotic, automation, energy, aviation etc.) - No project managers!
  • Design engineers (Catia V5, ProE, SolidWorks, Siemens NX etc.)
  • IT-specialists (SAP, JAVA, C/C++, PHP, .NET, iPHONE, SQL, ORACLE)
    - No project managers!
  • Medical specialists / doctors and assistant doctors
  • Nurses of all faculties - with or without experience
  • Geriatric/elderly care givers - with or without experience (minimum B1 needed) 
  • CNC: programmers, turners/lathe operators, milling cutters
  • Pipe fitters / welders / tool-makers and other metall workers
  • Industrial machinists / mecha(tron)ics / car mechanics
  • Electronics specialists / electricians / carpenters
  • Cooks / gourmet chefs / hotel / catering
  • Truck-drivers / delivery drivers / train drivers
  • Callcenter-Agents / customer service

Candidates w
ith matching profiles and an appropriate level (depends on your profession!) in the German language will be actively supported in their job search for FREE (the German employers pay!). Of course YOU decide about the job offers you want to sign. Please let us check your CV before you register for the langauge courses!

Packages of lessons


You are unemployed (with verification) and can learn full-time?

  • 200 lessons for 460 Euro  (= 2.30 €/45min.)
  • 150 lessons for 597 Euro  (= 3.98 €/45min.)
  • 100 lessons for 490 Euro  (= 4.90 €/45min.)

You are employed or wish evening/weekend lessons?  

  • 200 lessons for 580 Euro  (= 2.90 €/45min.)
  • 150 lessons for 747 Euro  (= 4.98 €/45min.)
  • 100 lessons for 590 Euro  (= 5.90 €/45min.)

(1 lesson = 45min. VAT already included. The teachers usually can speak other foreign languages, too. Missed lessons will be charged for reasons of fairness. Prices are guaranteed with prompt payment.)


FREE Job Placement for candidates with matching profiles is included. No additional fees.




For registration please send us a short email:


Or call us:

  • ++49 (0)179 - 52 99 251 (we speak German / English / Italian)

 Our Partners & Trainers


       Learn from the comfort of your home! Our classes are held in a virtual classroom, which means you only need a headset and Internet connection. You can learn the language innovatively and interactively.

        One of our advanced teaching methods is recording your lessons so that you can watch it again and repeat everything at your own pace. You’ll also be trained in reading, writing, speaking and hearing comprehension with materials specially created for you.

      With us you will learn independently, but neveralone! An experienced and committed German teacher will supervise you during the lessons, answer your questions, and give you all the support you may need.

      For example, if you need the teacher to answer your questions in English, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian or French, she can.

      Furthermore, your weekly lesson schedule can be adjusted to match your personal needs.

We provide the following tailor-made German courses at all levels of the European Framework (Level A1-C2): 

  • Private lessons online only for you (from 20 €/hour)
  • Learning in small groups with 4 to 8 people of a compatible language status (4,5 hours/week, from 4,90 €/hour)
  • Individual customized language lessons


FREE trial lesson! Personalized LIVE classes

by CERTIFIED online teachers.


For registration please send us a short email:

  • to Germany: 
  • to Italy:


Or call us:

  • ++49 (0)151 / 1543 0686 (Germany)
  • ++39 (0)393 / 9477 345 (Italy)
  • ++49 (0)179 / 52 99 251 (Germany)
    Claudia Uccelli (English, Italian, Spanish)


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