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Profit by Placing your Candidates

Your Top 5 Advantages & Benefits by Individual Consultations with PHOENIX GIR

  1. You achieve higher fees by active and faster placements of your candidates.
  2. You recognize new business opportunities. Immediately. 
  3. You generate new placement orders. Much easier.
  4. You receive up-to-date information about German companies, who look for your candidates.
  5. You receive maximum market transparency (> 85%) about the German HR market. Up-to-date & affordable. 

We are experts for staffing/recruitment agencies & HR experts

from Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, the Americas and Africa


You already tried to enter the German HR market and faced some "challenges"? Your agency still has not (enough) contacts on Germany's HR market? Well, save time and money by profiting from our 26 years of in-depth experience and connections. We actively support your agency in expanding your placement activities to Germany. Quickly. Successfully. Profitably.


You will enter Germany's HR market much easier by our knowledge of: 

  • The German recruitment/hiring processes and HR characteristics.
  • The expectations & thinking of your future German clients.
  • And of course by >10,000 contacts to the HR decision makers in German companies
    in all important sectors, regions & cities.  

With us you gain competitive advantages and develop most effective placement activities in one of the globally leading HR markets. 

Why consultations before and not simply cooperate?

In the past we invested a LOT of time and money in our cooperation-partners and gave valuable, decisive insider know-how for free to partners, who had no experience or contacts in Germany’s HR market. Until we realized: “Many are willing, but not able”, to meet the requirements along the process for fast placements in the German HR market. Therefore we decided: 


No exemptions: No consultation = No cooperation.


By our consultations and trainings, which lay the foundations of any possible cooperation, you

  • will receive the answers to all your questions.
  • will be able, to enter in successful cooperation with us or others.
  • will even be able, to operate profitably alone in the German HR market.

Our consulting fees for sure are affordable and amortize quickly. As you surely read, in 2019 the recruitment businesses in Germany received the highest fees since 18 years from the German companies, who pay some of the highest salaries in the world. Therefore: Compared to the high fees for your placements in the German HR market, our fees are low and should be quite fine for successful HR agencies. (Single recruiters can get a discount after proving.)


As an idea: Go through our reports, surveys and guides before an individual consultation with us as they

  • demonstrate the value & quality of our services
  • and answer many of your important question. That will save you time & money.

How We Support Your Agency

Frequent questions & topics of our clients in the consultations 

Our clients in foreign HR agencies of course expect clear and quick answers and information. Maybe you have similar topics & questions like the following ones:

  • Your Options & Chances to enter the German HR market fast and profitably.
  • How to make the 1st Contact with German HR Decision-Makers by phone and/or mail. 
  • Immediate activities that PHOENIX GIR can implement at once for your agency on the German HR market.
  • How to Contact & Start Cooperation with German placement partners:

–  Including a field-tested example of a cooperation agreement.

–  Contacts of possible partners for fast(er) placements.

  • How to adapt your Business Processes for Fast(er) Placements in Germany.
  • The New Immigration Law (FEG, since 01.03.2020):

–  The most important changes & simplifications for your
    candidates, to enter the German labor market.

–  Possibilities & exclusions of employment for candidates.
–  Contacts for the visas & residence permits, if needed at all.

–  etc.

  • Your Additional Business Opportunities with Young Talents (female/male) like school leavers & apprentices etc.
  • The German Recruitment/Hiring Processes, that might differ  from the ones in your country:

–  Your briefings with German HR managers & decision makers.

–  Expected competences & soft skills towards your candidates.

–  The 2 "killer questions" to ask German HR managers, to save
    valuable time & money.

–  How to present your candidates: Preparation of the profiles
     along best practice examples, to speed up your placements.

–  The German selection procedures (job interviews, ACs, dia-
    gnostics, reference checks)

–  The German way of doing job interviews: Dos & Don’ts for
    foreign candidates.

–  Allowed & legally forbidden questions and expected answers. 

–  The positive hiring signals of German recruiters.

  • The up-to-date TOP 10 – 20 JOB-Hot-Spots in Germany, to place the most candidates.
  • The up-to-date TOP 10 – 20 Most Wanted Professions and Numbers of vacant positions to fill in the 3,000,000+ German companies in the 2,000+ cities and in 50+ sectors.

    For example in:

–   IT / Telecommunications

–   Engineering

–   Medicine / Health

–   Production / Industry

–   Management

–   Finance

–   Construction

–   Hotel & Gastronomy

–   Sales & Marketing

–   Secretary / Administration

–   Media / Design

–   Human Resources

–   Logistics / Transport

–   Tourism / Leisure

–   Customer Service

–   Call Centers

–   Consulting

–   Science / Research

–   Retail

–   Real Estate

–   Education / Upbringing

–   Security

 –  etc.

  • Up-to-date information about Your Targeted (Focus) Professions, to place candidates in Germany:

–  The newest numbers of vacant jobs in that professions.

–  The 10 – 15 Job-Hot-Spot-Cities for your focus professions.

–  The 10 – 20 most hiring companies in each of your focus
    professions all over Germany
–  The trends in the demand in each of your targeted sectors &

  • The Salary Ranges for rough Calculations of your Expectable Placement Fees and as an information for your candidates about earnings (also see our Salary Reports).
  • The 15 Most Profitable German Regions & Cities with the salaries in important professions.
  • Where and how to find English-Speaking Jobs and companies for your candidates.
  • Recognition requirements for certain professions (if necessary at all) and which candidates (= nationality, professions etc.) have good to excellent chances.
  • Your best Daily Update-Options about the Newest Positions to Place Candidates. Including the contacts of the hiring companies and HR managers.
  • The Best German Companies/Employers for your candidates by professions  I  industries  I regions.
  • How to Start a Recruitment/Staffing Agency in Germany.
  • etc. 

Ask us anything, that is important for your success on the German HR market. To save you time and expenses, we really recommend, to check our Detailed Reports before. 

Your Consultant: Peter M. Barnefske 

Peter M. Barnefske is an expert on the German HR market and also a specialist in volume placements. He is known from International Media Reports in TV & newspapers.


Before Peter M. Barnefske decided, to fully concentrate on international HR consulting, he was responsible in leading, coordinating, and advisory roles in large HR/placement projects. In these projects altogether more than 12,000 professionals, specialists, young talents and managers of most different nationalities, industries and hierarchies have been placed in German companies all over the country.

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