All decisive information, that foreign HR agencies need to know, to profit from the German HR market.

Of course, we also provide you with additional information or customize the reports especially for your agency.  

Your Top 5 Advantages & Benefits by the Reports from PHOENIX GIR

  1. You recognize new business opportunities. Immediately. 
  2. You achieve higher fees. Faster and much easier.
  3. You generate new placement orders. Targeted, easier and faster.
  4. You receive up-to-date reports about German companies, who look for your candidates.
  5. You receive maximum market transparency (> 85%) about the German HR market. Up-to-date & affordable. 

The New HR Report (200+ pages). Updated & extended: 07.2020)

How to Enter The German HR Market.

For Foreign HR Agencies & Recruiter from Europe I  Asia-Pacific I Middle-East I Africa I The Americas

Now, since 01/03/2020, foreign HR Agencies even more highly profit from placing their candidates in Germany, which presents the largest HR Market in Europe (#1; globally #4). This unique report of our analysts helps you to enter the Germany's remarkable "C-19 robust" HR market. Almost instantly. 

(See the free bonuses included; 20% pre-order discount) 

The immense demand of the German companies for skilled workers, professionals, specialists, managers and young talents opens up new and profitable business opportunities for foreign HR agencies. After studying this report you will know all important data, to expand and grow by placing your candidates in Germany, which now is the #2 most popular immigration country,


For years already - and also during C-19 - Germany's HR market presents record highs in jobs to fill. Because of the enormous demand for qualified staff (f/m) German companies already doubled their recruitment from abroad. And by the new law for work immigration on the 1st March 2020 Germany opens its HR market a lot.


Foreign HR agencies with focus on staffing, recruitment and/or direct search since years already profit from one of the wealthiest economies by expanding their placements of candidates in the different sectors of the German HR market. They grow by recruiting and placing from their home countries or even open their own offices in Germany. 


We are proud on the high quality and the precise results of our HR studies & reports "Made in Germany" by German HR analysts and experienced placement specialists. Enjoy the power of the knowledge you will gain!


This new, fully packed (200+ pages) and well structured, comprehensive study especially for foreign HR agencies presents guidance & expertise on the German HR market. It presents all you need to know. Find accurately researched and detailed analyses, decisive key facts & figures in $/€ and %, valuable insider know-how, informative graphics, rankings and important contacts, to enter Europe's leading HR Market as a foreign staffing/recruitment agency almost instantly and successfully. Additionally multiple bonuses are included for the first recipients of the report.


Act now: As the decision-maker of your agency you at once can use the analyses & results of both the complete Germany HR Report and the Focus HR Reports to: 

  • Identify your most promising placement & business opportunities by significant info graphics, statistics & rankings.
  • Be smarter by knowing the most important German HR developments & trends/forecasts for your growth by more placements.
  • Make quick and better business decisions in your plannings and activities for a profitable market entry.
  • Gain decisive knowledge advantages over your competitors.

Discount: The COMPLETE Report, which amortizes already by the placement of 1 candidate, contains all FOCUS Reports and is discounted with 20%.


Imagine for a moment, that 2020 can still become an excellent year for your agency ...



Table of Contents of the COMPLETE Germany HR Report (please click the images below) 

(The Focus/Branch Reports widely cover the same topics like the Complete Report, focused especially on the particular branch):





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You wish customized reports for your agency?

Providing accurate and targeted knowledge about nearly all industries and profession groups in Germany's HR market is our business. On request we customize all reports with in depth information and insights especially for you and your agency. Together with you we will analyze the crucial aspects that can influence the situation in your targeted HR sectors in Germany.


Your agency's growth is our business.

Overview Germany HR Reports

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A1) The COMPLETE Germany-HR-Report (40+ pages)

A2) Focus-Report (50+ pages):

The X Top wanted Professions / Numbers in Jobs / The X Top Job-Hot-Spots / Top X Employers / Salaries / Trends

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Engineering & Technics

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

AX) Focus-Report (50+ pages):
Industrial Production

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Handicraft Trades

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Sales & Marketing




What sectors/professions
are you interested in?



Your Personal Report

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
RETAIL / Wholesale

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Finance & Accounting

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Gastronomy / Hotel / Tourism

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Office / Administration

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Management & Consulting

AX) Focus-Report (50+ pages):
HR Human Resources

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Young Talents / Apprentices

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

Report: What foreign HR agencies need to know about Germany's Temporary Employment Services Industry (TESI)

The immense demand of German companies for qualified workers, professionals, specialists &managers opens up new and profitable business opportunities for foreign HR agencies. After studying this report you will know important data about the TESI in Germany:

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview about developments in Germany's TESI.
  • Development in turnover in Germany's TESI until 2018.
  • Forecast of sales in the Germany's TESI until 2021.
  • Development in the average numbers of temporary workers in Germany 2007 - 2019.
  • Number of temporary employment agencies in Germany. 
  • Foreign temporary work agencies (=controlled by parent companies based abroad) in Germany: Numbers by countries, numbers of employees, sales revenues.
  • The Ranking of the Top 25 TESI players by company names, sales revenues, employment figures etc.
  • The sectors in Germany with the highest demands in temporary employees.
  • Gender distribution in temporary work.
  • Temporary workers in Germany by qualification levels.
  • Average gross salaries in temporary employment in Germany.
  • Legal Regulations in Germany's TESI.


The Collective wage & labor agreements in Germany's TESI

  • Scope / remuneration tables / duration & distribution of working hours.
  • Overtime work / surcharges for night, Sunday and holiday work / start & end of employment / vacation / industry surcharges.

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

Report: What foreign HR agencies need to know about Germany's HR Consulting Industry (Direct Recruitment / Executive Search)

Now that Germany's HR market is speeding up again, the headhunter business is also growing. This rather secretive HR consultancy sector achieved increased by 40%+ in the past 6 years and has risen above the 2 billion Euro mark. After studying this report you will know about organised HR consultancies & consultants in Germany (with currently available data):

  • Sales distribution in German HR consultancies by client branches.
  • Distribution of the German HR consulting sectors.
  • Sales forecast in the German HR consultancy sector until 2021.
  • Number of HR consultancies by annual turnover.
  • Number of HR consultants in Germany until 2019.
  • Number of consultants in HR consultancies in Germany.
  • Permanent researcher in German HR consultancy by annual turnover.
  • Positions filled by HR consultants in Germany.
  • Annual salaries for HR consultants in Germany by gender and region.

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

Germany's 25 Leading Temporary Employment Agencies (TEA)

This ranking shows the top-selling providers of Germany's temporary employment services industry (TESI) by

  • name
  • turnover
  • numbers of their internal employees
  • numbers of their employees in their client companies

In total, the 25 leading temporary employment agencies (TEAs) employed an average of around 217,000 employees for their client companies and generated a turnover of 9.6 billion euros. 

Admission criteria: To be accepted for the ranking the companies need to generate more than 50% of their sales with temporary employment (without engineering services) and more than 50% of their sales on the external market. This ensures, that the ranking covers the market for temporary work without major distortions. As a plus a sub-ranking shows 3 market-relevant TEAs, that don't meet the criteria.

A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 

Starting an HR Agency in Temporary Work / Recruitment in Germany

(Information in English/German; 30+ pages)


After studying this guide you will know:

  • General Information on leasing/hiring out workers in Germany
  • Employment of skilled foreign workers in Germany
  • Legal Bases & lmportant Terms
  • Visa/Work permits for nationals outside of the EU, EEA & CH.
  • Residence permit to carry out the recognition procedure of foreign professional qualifications
  • The granting of a residence permit for employment with/out approval from the German Federal Employment Agency
  • International Agreements
  • Approval process for employees from third countries
  • Excluded countries in healthcare and nursing professions
  • Costs & Required Paperwork regarding: registrations, business organization, creditworthiness, permission to hire out temporary workers, insurances
  • Important authorities for you in Germany
  • The alternative: Temporary employment from your country to Germany

Additional Services on request:

  • Legal advice (by our partners) especially for foreign HR agencies, planning to run a trans/national temporary work agency or to post workers to Germany.
  • Examples for Business Plans (incl. financial plannings) in Temporary Work & Recruitment in Germany.


A3) Focus-Report (date: 02.2020 / 15+ pages): 

Placement Guide for HR Agencies from NON-EU countries: What you need to know for placing candidates in Germany

The New Immigration Law from 01/03/2020 now simplifies the immigration opportunities for skilled workers also from countries outside the European Union EU (third countries). This guide concisely explains all legal regulations regarding the employment of your skilled candidates. After studying this guide you will know:

  • Placement/Employment of foreign qualified professionals in Germany. General preconditions
    • Approval by the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit)
    • Duties of your clients, the German employers, when employing your candidates
  • Visa & residence rules on taking up employment in Germany
    • Entry visa: General preconditions
    • Visas & residence rules for skilled workers from NON-EU countries
      • Skilled workers with a completed course (vocational or academic)
      • The EU Blue Card for qualified professionals with an academic degree
      • Employment of IT specialists with practical occupational experience
      • Entry of skilled workers to seek employment in Germany
  • Visas and residence rules for trainees/apprentices (e.g. school leavers/young talents) from Non-EU countries
    • Coming to Germany for seeking a training place
    • Receiving vocational training in Germany
  • Measures for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in Non-EU countries
  • Expedited procedure for qualified professionals
    • General provisions
    • Contacts & costs
  • Important  terminology
  • Important service & contact points


A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Your Personal Report

A3) Focus-Report (X+ pages): 

Guide/At a Glance: These are your candidate's different ways into the German labor market, if they

  • graduated from universities
  • OR attended higher education institutions 
  • OR received qualified vocational trainings 
  • or are young talents (e.g. male and female school leavers), who look for highly appreciated professional trainings)

from your country. Then place them in Germany as they can receive residence permits to obtain employment in Germany as qualified professionals or undergo vocational trainings. This guide leads you and your candidates through the steps and after studying it you will know:


1. The important kinds of Germany visa for your candidates as

  • Candidates/Nationals of EU & EFTA countries
  • Candidates/ Nationals of Non-EU/non-EFTA countries
  • New: Qualified professionals (non-academic, but trained)
  • Academics (with higher education degree)
  • Job Seekers (e.g. during your placement activities)
  • Young Talents (e.g. school leavers, up to 25 years) for applying for a/o undergoing Vocational Training in Germany
  • Special: IT specialists with practical work experience

2. Overview about the visa & entry process for immigrants from Non-European Union countries


3. The 5 Step-Overview to a Work Visa for your qualified candidates4.                          


4. Visa application forms and who can get visa for free


5. Bonus: Entry to explaining videos in our restricted area

A3) Focus-Report (date: 02.2020 / 15+ pages): 



A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Your Personal Report

Directory of 20+ Direct Search / Headhunting Companies in Germany by 

  • company names
  • contact information
  • sectors
  • etc.


A3) Focus-Report (50+ pages): 
Your Personal Report

REGIONAL Q3/2020 Germany-HR-Reports
–  for HR Agencies & Recruiters from EUROPE
–  for HR Agencies & Recruiters ASIA
–  for HR Agencies & Recruiters from the AMERICAS
–  for HR Agencies & Recruiters from AFRICA

Bonus: Buyers receive an individual and up-to-date analysis in their preferred candidate's profession group by (where available)

- The Current Number of Jobs

- The 5-10 Top Locations in Cities & Regions

- The 5-10 Top Hiring Companies

- Trend 



Order your Germany HR Reports (Complete & Focus) report here: 

Overview Salary Reports Germany

Comprehensive and detailed for your rough calculations of placement fees your and as an information for your candidates


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All articles can be ordered here:

Salary Reports

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Free: How is Germany's reputation in the World? Results from international surveys, reports & rankings.


Free: How is living in Germany? (2 pages)


Germany's Top 50 Brands including Map of Germany's Most Valuable Companies & Employers (9 €)


Free: Germany: 1,084,000 Jobs. HR Market Data. Development, current situation, forecast. (6 pages) 


Free: The 21 HR Jobs of the Future: The expected changes in the HR world will also change the HR jobs of the future. A "forecast" presents 21 possible HR job titles of the future and their job descriptions: General requirements. Specific tasks of the future job holder. Expected skills & qualifications. Nobody knows whether HR job advertisements will actually look like this in 10 years, but the white paper is an interesting read.


New & Updated:

Germany's Most Wanted Professions by Regions & Demand (19€)

  • Including interactive and downloadable "Heat Maps", that show the demand in all regions & main cities in Germany by profession groups (German/English). Detailed information about numbers of vacant jobs and companies in preferred professions & cities on request. 


Download as a PDF (below) or click to enlarge the pages (read from left > right > down):


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