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How to Successfully Expand your HR Placement Activities to Germany's Booming and Highly Profitable HR Market


GERMANY: A strong, booming economy and nearly 1 million vacant jobs. Stable since the year 2005 (source: IAB, the governmantal German Institute for Employment). With only 4.1% Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates of all the world’s leading economies and of all the 27 countries in the EU European Union (source: EUROSTAT, a Directorate-General of the European Commission, 04.2016).
The German labor market is almost immune to the effects of the severe economic and financial crisis many countries in the world are facing. Much more: Germany's HR market continuously grows since 2005. German companies currently offer 961.000 vacant jobs. The international media call Germany the "Land of one million jobs" or use the word "Jobwunder" to describe the exceptional performance of Germany’s labour market.


Germany: Excellent business prospects for your small or medium-sized recruitment agency. The placement and profit prospects for foreign recruitment agencies are excellent in many sectors. Especially professionals & specialists from the sectors health/medical care, engineering/technics, IT, production (metall, electr(on)ics, plastics etc.), hotel/restaurant/catering, transport/logistics, callcenter/customer service, finance etc. are wanted in large numbers. This is surely one main reason why an impressing number of 1.100.000(!) people migrated to Germany in 2015 (source: DESTATIS, the German Federal Statistical Office, 21.03.2016). This is the highest number since 20 years. And 2016 will probably become another record year as foreign professionals are very welcome in German companies particularly if they are well-qualified and match the requirements. 


Future prospects of Germany’s labour market

Will the German labour market remain favourable in the coming years? Given the ups and downs of the global economy and developments, we will of course not make any firm predictions. However, experts agree that the demand for skilled labour will remain very high in Germany’s labour market and that skilled workers from abroad continuously have very good opportunities. Therefore foreign recruitment agencies, too.


Two factors are crucial for the positive future prospects of Germany’s labour market:

  • Factor 1: Demographic change demands labour
    Among all the European countries Germany is one of the most strongly affected one by demographic change. The German birth rate is around the 1.4 mark ever since. At the same time, life expectancy of the German population continuously rises. This trend already impacts on the labour market, where a fall in the supply of freshly trained skilled workers leads to shortages since 2011. In the future, this contraction and aging of the working population will become increasingly acute. Qualified labour is crucial to the success of the German economy. Therefore skilled workers will remain in big demand for years to come.
  • Factor 2: The strength of the German industry demands labour
    Germany is almost completely immune to economic developments in the world. Its highly competitive industry makes it a strong winner of globalization - now and in the future. After all, German companies supply innovative and competitive products, particularly in the global markets of the future. Yet it is only by recruiting skilled workers and well-trained graduates that German companies will maintain their competitive edge.

Do you want to expand your HR and placement activities to Germany, too?

As a small or medium-sized foreign recruitment agency you can make your business profit from Germany's booming and strong labor market. Its high salaries and excellent career opportunities. And its high-level living standard in breathtaking landscapes, healthy air and colourful festivals (e.g. "The Oktoberfest") with friendly people in modern, vibrant cities.



PHOENIX GIR. Your ideal partner for Germany


In PHOENIX GIR German International Relations & Recruiting we are focussed on recruiting from all over the EU European Union, in CIS countries, Asia and the Americas for both German big and medium-sized companies. Since 2014 we support small and medium-sized foreign recruitment agencies, who profitably want to expand to the German HR market.

From our daily business operations we know in detail what German recruiters and hr decision makers expect. Since 1994 we successfully supported over 12.000 German and international professionals, managers and young talents to get better and well-paid jobs in Germany. As a proof of the quality of our services please see what the international media (TV, newspapers etc.) reports about us: PRESS: International Media Reports


PHOENIX GIR. Your active and direct market entry into Germany

The German HR market has tremendous and highly profitable potential for your agency, which can only be made accessible by excellent knowledge of the country, its cultural and linguistic characteristics and the specific expectations & thinking of your future clients: The German companies and their HR responsibles.

We from PHOENIX GIR Germany are your "native German pilots" to the German market and will be your unbureaucratic, fast acting business partner on your way to a successful and profitable HR market entry into Germany.


Content of the expansion meeting & training with our CEO
In an intensive and personal expansion meeting & training with our CEOs you and your team will learn about:
  • Your expansion opportunities & strategies to enter the German HR market.
  • The currently most wanted foreign professionals & specialists groups. The sectors/professions you can place the most candidates.
  • The specific requirements and the numbers that are wanted all over Germany.
  • Salary ranges in the different professions for the calcluation of your expected placement fees and profits.
  • Salary comparisons by regions and in the sectors of engineering, technics, IT, sales & marketing, finance, controlling, accounting, nursing & medicie, office and commercial jobs.
  • German-JOB-Hot-Spots = the most profitable regions with the most job offers and
    highest salaries.
  • List of German companies that currently hire the most candidates in the different sectors.
  • Lists of addresses of the 25 leading and more (cross industry) recruitment companies as your possible cooperation partners. 
  • Lists of addresses of the 20 leading and more HR providers in the IT- and engineering-sector as your possible cooperation partners. 
  • How to contact and start cooperations with German companies and cooperation partners.
  • Field-tested model of a contract for cooperation and achieveable (split) fees.
  • The German recruitment/hiring process and how your candidate's and their profiles
  • need to be prepared to have the best possible placement rates. Including best practice examples.
  • Immediate activities we can implement successfully for foreign private recruitment agencies on the German market.
  • etc.

Of course we will answer all your additional questions. Please send them in advance to our expansion meeting. A more time- and cost-saving online meeting by our video conferencing system is possible of course, too.


Current fee for an expansion meeting:  1.850 Euro per day
(by online conferencing the fee is only 1.450 Euro per day)
Usually 1-2 days are needed. Depending on the location of the meetings all travel expenses are included or have to be added).
Please ask for available dates at least 3-5 weeks before your preferred meeting date!

PHOENIX GIR: Affordable conditions. "Hands-on" for stable, profitable growth.

The initial expansion meeting(s) & trainings lay the foundations and both sides will then decide about starting a longer-lasting cooperation. As your German partner we actively bring you into the most important HR target market all over Europe. We will promote your agency and your candidates by direct and ongoing contacting of matching German companies in all selected sectors all over Germany.

We ask for your understanding that for a longterm cooperation your agency needs to be
  • willing to establish efficient business processes for fast placements
  • willing to recruit matching candidates in defined profession groups by following the requirements and legal framework of your country and Germany

In case we should promote you in Germany your budget should allow

  • A monthly consulting/representation fee for PHOENIX GIR of 850 Euro (paid monthly in advance) for the representation and active promotion of your agency and candidates on the German market. Any of our incurring travel expenses are already included and a cancellation is possible at any month to the end of the month.
  • A one-time commission of 3% per placed candidate. Of course you can negotiate your fees per candidate freely with each German company we bring you in direct contact with.


Profit from our experience and our contacts.
Since 1994 we have lots of in-depth experience on the German HR market und lots of direct contacts to the recruiters and HR decision makers in large and medium-sized German companies from our daily consulting activities.

For a first conversation our CEOs can be reached by email (put "German HR market" in the subject line of your mail). Please give us some time for a reply:




Feel welcome for making profits in Germany!


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