Current waiting time for individual consultations: 3-5 days. In urgent cases earlier.
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Check, writing & optimation of your CV, Cover Letter etc. Visa. Company Contacts. Job Hunting. You will love it!

You are a professional / manager / graduate (f/m) and look for jobs in Germany? You get rejected many times? Then you most likely apply wrong. See the list of the main mistakes foreign candidates make.


You assume that your application (e.g. CV, cover letter, references etc.) could ruin your chances for jobs in Germany? You aren't familiar with the German way of getting hired? Then order an individual consultation or call us for more information:

  • 0179 / 52 99 251 (from Germany from 14:00 o'clock)
  • 0049 (0)179 / 52 99 251 (international calls from 14:00 o'clock) 


Live Error Detection
Live Error Detection

Of course you can choose your consultation topics and the duration yourself (also see the discounts %). For example:

    • "Crash Error Marking & Live Feedback" (30min): We mark and explain you (e.g. by Skype) where you make the biggest mistakes in your application.
    • LIVE writing/optimization of your application (CV, Cover Letter) by Skype or by our video-conferencing system.
    • Individual JOB hunting with direct company contacts. We present you/your profile directly to German companies and recruiters.
    • Assessment of your job chances in Germany.
    • Training of telephone & personal interviews for the German hiring process.
    • Preparing, analyzing, decoding and correction of your German "Arbeitszeugnis".
    • Training for the most effective job search strategies in Germany.
    • ... and all what is important for you. Feel free to ask us!
  • BONUS 1:  Discounts for our seminars, translations, German language courses etc.
  • BONUS 2:  Free enlistment in our database and check for matching jobs.


Booking of live individual consultations (local / online)

All individual consultations are offered on low prices and with discounts. Wherever you currently are located - by only 1 click you will have your live consultation with your individual consultant for applying, job hunting or career change in Germany.


  • Process:
    (1) Choose your preferred service from below (we recommend 1-3 hours
          of individual consultation).
    (2) Then email ( us your documents (e.g. CV, Cover Letter)                and all your questions for the consultation.
    (3) We
     will return with a call/email asap and offer you 1-2 date proposals.

  • Your registration / payment needs to include:
    your name + phone number + email address + Skype-ID (if available)

  • Cancellation: Refunds are possible when cancelling minimum 10 days before date! Substitute persons (e.g. friends/colleagues) are welcome with your booking code.

  • You prefer a bank transfer instead of Paypal? Simply use:


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IBAN:   DE 42 7115 0000 0000 011767


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Note for foreign labour market authorities, organisations, universities, academies:

We operate globally. You wish to offer our individual consultations and JOB seminars live to your clients/students directly in your country/city? Please ask for dates and special rates.