Job Hunting, Job Change, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiations and making career in Germany can be very different to your home country. And that's why 70%+ of foreign managers, professionals & young talents face big problems. But unnecessary problems here. They all could get many more excellent and well-payed jobs in Germany more easily, if they understand and follow the rules in the German Job Market. 


OUR candidates do so! With us they learn, how to at once increase their chances for really good jobs in German companies. 

  • Learn all decisive information for the German recruitment / hiring processes.
  • Know your best chances & strategies to enter the German job market fast and get really good jobs.
  • VISA: We know, how to make it easier and faster for you.


Of course you choose duration and topics of (y)our individual consultations yourself. Please define your questions directly after booking by email (e.g. use the "First Contact Form" below). 


Here now some of the most frequent topics and "burning problems", which our candidates want to solve with our help, are: 


This is one of the most decisive topic in our consultations! Is your application for Germany really perfect? You are an experienced professional or manager, a talented young graduate or simply look for a good job in Germany? But you get rejected or don't get any reactions from the companies after you sent them your application? Then you - like 70% of foreigners (f/m/d) - ruin all your chances for good jobs in Germany with only 1 or more of the following, fatal mistakes of our:





How 70% of foreigners (f/m/d) ruin all their chances for good jobs in Germany with only 1 or 2 of the following mistakes:

Especially in:

  • Cover Letter:
    Much too long/short - non-existent - egocentric with stereotypes - psychological "unwise" - (too much) self-praise - "begging" formulations - repeating the CV - looks like spam letter - not targeted to the job/position - not well structured - name of contact person missing/ misspelled - inappropriate email address - empty phrases - rude - too familiar - unmotivated - urges action from the recruiter - making demands - . . .

  • CV / Resume:
    Wrong format - critically structured - non-focused - no C3-strategy - using the Europass CV model (at all a/o unprofessionally) - incorrect data - false information (= "hard lies") - important data missing - badly designed - email address "infantile"/non-professional - (hiding) gaps - . . .

And also in:

  • Photo: 
    Non-professional (e.g. by mobile phone) - private - non-existent - full-body - too small - too big - inappropriate clothing - wrong position - outdated - looks younger/different than in reality - no smile - "police photo" - . . .

  • Competency Profile: 
    This special document for managers, experienced professionals & experts many times is: Completely missing - critically structured - unknown? - . . .

  • References & Work Certificates: 
    Missing - problematic (e.g. undetected and not corrected codes of employers) - too short - . . .

  • More mistakes in applications: 
    Inconsistent in typeface/fonts - mistakes in orthography & punctuation - spam applications (e.g. other companies in the email body) - . . .


We check, rework, perfect, or completely re-write your Cover Letter (CL) and Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV). If you wish also LIVE by WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or our video-conferencing system.


For you to get a your completely perfect application for Germany we check, rework, perfect or write your Cover Letter (CL) and Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Learn, how to present yourself to German companies and to speed up your chances for really interesting and well-payed jobs.


 Also see our new BOOKS:


Ooh . . . You are sure, your application is perfect? Great. Let's make a deal:

2. training for the German Job-Interview (pHone & personal interviews)



Once agaIN. You are an experienced professional, manager, graduate or simply looking for a good job in Germany? But you get rejected or don't get any reactions or job interviews from the companies? Then you most likely apply wrong and make 1 or more of the following, fatal mistakes many foreigners make:


  • Problematic manners - lack of preparation (e.g. for typical questions & answers) - critical body language (in greeting, during/end of interview, stressing questions) - talks too much/too little - unprofessional behaving in group interviews - lack of enthusiasm/interest - discrepancies between application documents and interview - uninformed about salaries and own value as a professional - not asking (good) questions - bad last impression - . . .
  • (no professional) actions after the interview - . . .

Learn, how to act and succeed in the (sometimes tough) job interviews with German HR managers, recruiters & decision makers.


  • The real expectations of German recruiters towards you.
  • Their hardest allowed (and forbidden) questions.
  • Your optimal answers and what they expect.
  • The Dos & Don’ts for you as a foreign candidate.
  • Your "killer questions" to catch their highest interest in YOU.
  • The positive hiring signals of German recruiters towards you. 

 Also see our new BOOK:




We assess of your realistic job chances in Germany

  • by checking your professional career till now
  • by your preferred jobs / positions / companies in Germany
  • by a live analysis about the number of adequate job offers and possible employers for you with our special HR tools.

While we assess your chances you will be LIVE with us. You will follow all our steps and can ask your questions, to come to a good decision.

YOUr Individual Training for active Applying Calls


As part of our Active JobHunting-Training, which is one of the most effective job search strategies for Germany:

  • we train you for Cold Calls / Applying Calls by phone to German companies, their recruiters & multipliers
  • if you wish, we of course also can be live "at your side" while you then do the calls.

Also see our new BOOK:


WE Directly contact Companies & RECRUITERS only for you (active job hunting)


Only for you our HR Consultants & Job Hunter directly contact your favorite and/or best matching companies in Germany. We present you and your profile directly to their HR managers/recruiters and also to headhunters and important "multipliers. No matter, if they just have published vacant jobs/positions or not. Remember, that Germany has a huge "Hidden Job Market"!


We call this service "Inverse Headhunting", "Direct Talent Marketing" or simply Active Job Hunting. 




We inform you about the new work immigration law (FEG) and also make contacts for you to specialists, who help you to get your visa easier and faster.


Also see our new GUIDE:



German language COURSES



Depending on your current level in the German language we help you to find courses for free or low priced.






Germany offers 4,300+ bachelor programs at 400+ public and private universities. We help you to find best universities for your preferred field of study.



interested in a highly paid and internationally reputed training to become a real professional in Germany? 

Young talents (female/male school leavers) signed 467,485 apprenticeship contracts in 2020 with German companies in the so called "DVET Dual Vocational Education & Training." The German DVETs

  • have excellent reputations around the world
  • make graduates highly wanted and appreciated internationally
  • are now open for Young Talents worldwide
  • lead young people to high-quality professional qualifications
  • are fully paid by the German companies.
  • take 2 – 3,5 years

50,1% of all German employees graduated in the DVET, which also results in one of the lowest youth unemployment rates globally. 


By a special Aptitude Testing followed by an intense consultation we help you to choose, find and apply perfectly for an apprenticeship in one of Germany's 326 recognized training professions. Of course we also inform you about the

  • expected apprenticeship pay (salary) and how to get additional financial support
  • and the best ranked/popular companies for that apprenticehip

SALARY CONSULTATIOn for germany. how much can you earn? 

Employees in Germany usually do not speak openly about their salaries. But the topic is important

  • for your job search as an information in your application,
  • for negotiating an adequate remuneration in job interviews
  • and for your career planning.

So: How much can you ask as a foreign candidate

  • without selling yourself below value
  • or not getting the job because your salary expectation are too high?

Do you earn enough? We'll give you the answer. In 7 steps with our profound salary consultation we will help you with a wide variety of salary issues and life situations:

  • How much do others in your position earn?
  • How much can you ask for in your next salary negotiation?
  • What salary expectations can you state in your application?
  • What do you earn in a new location when you move?

Our data on wages & salaries are always GROSS salaries, as the net salary depends on a number of many factors and consequently there is no comparability. Important factors, that influence your level of the salary, are:

  • Employer's branch: Industrial sectors like automotive, pharmaceutical or chemical, pay significantly better than tourism or gastronomy.
  • Employer size: Mostly salaries in large corporations are significantly higher than those in small firms.
  • Employer's region: Seen regionally, you generally earn better in the west than in the east of Germany, better in the south than in the north, and better in the city than in the country.
  • Your personal qualifications: The time and money you invested in your training are usually noticeable in income, too. The salary with a master’s degree is usually higher than that of a bachelor’s degree. Even in the non-academic area, every further training can increases earnings.
  • Work experience: Of course this plays a crucial role and is usually financially rewarded.
  • Responsibility: Personnel responsibility, budget responsibility, sales responsibility ... "A lot helps a lot". More responsibility usually leads to a higher salary.

Our salary consultation gives you security for your next salary negotiation, applications and job interviews to increase your future salary significantly.


Also see our new

  • Salary Guide "ENGINEERING 2021" (xx pages)
  • Salary Guide "IT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2021" (xx pages)
  • Manual "Salary Negotiation in Germany 2021" (xx pages)




  • We analyze and decode your German "Arbeitszeugnis". 
  • We will try to "correct" your German "Arbeitszeugnis" with your former employers in case your certificates (= the codes in them) prevent, that you get a new job.
  • We prepare for you a convincing work certificate, that you can present your former employers.
  • NEW: You assume, that your former employer does not speak well about you? That could ruin all your job chances. Bur don't worry. We do "reference checks/calls", and try to de-escalate any tensions with your former employer. By that we improve your chances for your job search in Germany.  




GIF/Video Hand checkt CV 


In your individual consultation with PMB:


  • he checks, corrects and explains (if necessary) every single mistake in your application
    and in all your steps of finding a good job in Germany
  • he creates your complete and perfect application with you and shows you best practice examples
  • he reveals valuable secrets and decisive "golden rules" from over 12,000 consultations
  • he instructs, accompanies and supports you for German job interviews and in the most effective applying and job hunting strategies for Germany
  • and much more

  • Learn all decisive information for the German recruitment / hiring processes, that can differ a lot from your home-country.
  • Know your best chances & strategies to enter the German job market fast and get really good jobs.
  • VISA: We know, how to make it easier and faster for you.
  • How the recognition of your cerificates can increase your job chances a lot..




How you as a foreign candidate & migrant get better jobs, higher salaries and make career in Germany.

  • With the best of the best.
  • All decisive topics, tricks & strategies. 

With the CEO of PHOENIX GIR.

 Peter M. Barnefske




Your personal Germany-Report with your Top 50 - 100 Comoanies for active JobHuntin (Initiativ)

A report exclusively for you!

Your personal report is fully packed with analyses, facts & figures (in €/ $/ %) about your desired profession, position, industry, city/region in Germany. Updated with newest information before we send it to you.

  • Germany's TOP 10-30 most wanted job titles in your profession group or industry.
  • Germany's TOP 50 - 150 most hiring companies in your desired profession/title. Just now and over the past 6-12 months for Active Job Hunting.
  • Germany's TOP 50 - 150 most hiring companies in your desired industry. Just now and over the past 6-12 months for Active Job Hunting.
  • Germany's TOP 10-50 Companies Hiring Most English-Speakers in your desired profession. Just now and over the past 6-12 months for Active Job Hunting.
  • Germany's TOP 10 - 15 JOB-Hot-Spots in your desired profession.
  • Germany's TOP 10 - 100 Ranking of BESTt/Popular Companies/Employer in your desired discipline/profession/title.
  • Germany's TOP 10 - 100 Ranking of Best/Popular Companies/Employer in your desired industry/sector.
  • The 10 - 20 TOP contacts, that can boost your job chances in Germany.
  • The salary ranges for your profession in various industries in Germany.
  • Germany's 6+2 (new) VISA Options for Work Immigration. And how you receive your VISA faster.
  • Germany's Trend in Jobs/HR-Demand in your desired profession/industry.

ACTUALITY: You always receive fresh data from us! Therefore the delivery can take some days, as we update your reports with newest and important market movements. In any case we inform you about the estimated delivery time.


CONFIDENTIALITY: We recommend, to keep the report in your hands only. Otherwise you really could lose job chances.



Candidates from countries with very critical situations can get a discount.





Our Active Job-Hunting-Strategy for you includes, that we (after your first consultations) prepare a personal target list of 20 - 100 TOP employers, that could be interested, to hire you. No matter, if they just have published vacant jobs/positions or not.


You then can contact these companies yourself. Or we do it for you. See "Inverse Headhunting".


By the way: Germany has a HUGE hidden job market, which is 40-70% PLUS to the Online-Job-Market.






  • Learn your best options, how you daily know about the newest jobs for you. 



Your weekly Job-X-Press with the newest jobs for ypou

  • We deliver you 50 - 100 (dep. on your position) newest jobs.
  • Also for English-speakers.
  • Including requirements and contacts of the HR managers and/or hiring companies.
  • Learn your best options, how you daily know about the newest jobs for you. 
  • with salary information where available (actual or estimated; monthly or annual)

You assume, that such mistakes could ruin your chances for good jobs in Germany? You don't know about the German way of applying, interviewing and getting hired? Then send us a copy of your application for a free check to:



Or simply write us (e.g. by WhatsApp) for more information: 


  • 0179 / 52 99 251 (from Germany from 5 pm)
  • 0049 (0)179 / 52 99 251 (international calls from 5 pm German time) 


To book your individual consultation with Peter M. Barnefske now see below please.


Your consultations with Mr. Barnefske are intensive! Secure, that you are well rested. 



Your consultant: Peter M. Barnefske (PMB)

Interview during a reportage made by the Italian TV about Peter M. Barnefske:

"Yes, I am quite direct, not very diplomatic and I work hard with my candidates :-) But to find a well-payed, good job is something very serious. Every single day you are without a good job means, you lose money! This is especially hard, if you have to secure the existence of a family with children." (quote from another interview with PMB)


Here you can see the International TV-/Media-Reports


Peter M. Barnefske, your personal consultant and coach, is probably the hardest and most experienced, internationally active German expert for migrants and foreign job seekers. His specialisations:

  • Active Applying Strategies in Germany
  • Direct Job-Hunting / Job-Search
  • The German Labour Market
  • International Talent-Hunting
  • Outplacement (mass dismissals)

Since 1994 PMB successfully coached and advised thousands of foreign and German candidates (f/m), managers, experts and young talents in large multi-day trainings, seminars, workshops and individual consultations to get better jobs and higher salaries in Germany. Always clear, repectfully and directly to the point. You will love it!


"As my candidate YOU are the heart of my work. YOUR success is my focus!"


You want to have real success in Germany? Simpy call him or book your consultation (below) with him now to get:


  • excellent jobs & positions 
  • higher salaries
  • and to make carreer


You wish, that Mr. Barnefske presents you and your application directly to your desired employers and to the decision makers (inverse headhunting) in the companies? Simply tell him. 


Book your personal consultation from wherever 
you are in the world now. (Limitation!)

Live Error Detection
Live Error Detection

Your consultations with Mr. Barnefske are intensive! Secure, that you are well rested. Of course you can choose the duration and topics yourself. Please define your questions before by mail. 


Limited consultations! As the consultations for foreigners/migrants are affordable low and even discounted every candidate (f/m) can only book a certain number of sessions.

  • Process:
    (1) Choose your preferred duration of an individual consultation from below. 
          Depending on the topics we usually recommend 2
    -3 hours. 
    (2) Then send us an email with your documents (e.g. CV, Cover Letter) and
          all your
    questions for the consultation to:
    (3) Usually Peter M. Barnefske himself will return with a call/email asap
          and offer you 1-2 date proposals for your consultation.

    (4) Wherever you currently are in the world, by only 1 click you will have your
          live consultation with Peter M. Barnefske


  • Discounted group-consultations: You are a group of minimum 3 people?
    Simply ask for special rates before.

  • In your booking write us: Your name + phone number + email address

  • Cancellation: Refunds are possible when cancelling minimum 5 days before
    date. S
    ubstitute persons (e.g. friends/colleagues) are welcome.

  • You prefer a bank transfer instead of Paypal? Simply use:

PHOENIX GIR / Peter M. Barnefske

Sparkasse Rosenheim

IBAN:   DE 42 7115 0000 0000 011767


First Contact Form" 

BONUS: Free enlistment in our database and check for matching jobs.



Note for foreign labour market authorities, organisations, universities, academies:

We operate globally. You wish to offer our individual consultations and JOB seminars live to your clients/students directly in your country/city? Please ask for dates and special rates.





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