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2,123,660 jobs to fo fill (+55,7% since 03/2020)

Germany's Companies Are Hiring
at a High Speed Again

How foreign HR agencies place their candidates in Europe's #1 HR market
(globally: #4) and profit from German placement experts.

GERMANY: 1,909,931 jobs to fill (19/08/2020) Already 6 years the German HR market performs exceptionally. Now it recovers rapidly from C-19. 4,000,000+ candidates hired 2019. I Private recruitment/  staffing industry received highest fees for 18 years. 572,000 trainings/ apprenticeships for young talents offered in 2019. 


Germany global immigration magnet #2 now. Since 01/03/2020 work immigration for qualified candidates (f/m; academic AND non-academic/trained) from all countries much easier. Foreign HR agencies & recruiters from Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, the Americas & Africa profit from Germany's new immigration law by new and large placement & business opportunities Germany is among the highest paying, largest HR markets in the world.

German Labour Market Expert & Consultant for Foreign HR Agencies
German Labour Market Expert & Consultant for Foreign HR Agencies

Dear experts in HR,                                                                                                       

dear ladies and gentlemen,


on 19/08/2020 the German companies had to fill 1,909,931 jobs online. This are +53.5% from 22/05/2020, which is the highest number of any country in Europe and also one of the highest globally.


Like in most countries, also the German companies "jammed the brakes" in the last months. But now, after a significant rise in unemployment because of C-19, the German labor market recovers quickly and presents a strong growth. Compared internationally, the German labor market not only is relatively "immune" to economic fluctuations, but also coped well with C-19. The government (led by Chancellor Angela Merkel) and the companies acted fast and intense. According to an Adecco report, Germany's government is one of the most successful and best-performing countries in fighting C-19.


Of course, also several German companies had to carry out significant redundancies, but many companies intensively use/d "short time work" (Kurzarbeit), to keep their well-trained staff on board. Interesting: According to a Randstad survey of 10,000+ German companies, 40% say that their business was/is not affected by the crisis at all. 4% even report a growth spurt.


In brief: The German labor market remained much more stable than expected and the enormous demand for staff like skilled workers, experienced professionals, specialists, managers and also young talents always was/is present in the minds of the German recruiters and employers. Therefore now they started, to push the German economy fast again to the high level it had before.


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5 Top Facts About Germany's HR Market

  1. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse and globally the 4th largest country in terms of sales revenues in the private employment services industry (WEC).

  2. Germany's HR market since years already performs exceptionally. It presents repeated record highs in jobs and one of the lowest unemployment rates, which despite C-19 currently is at only 4.2%.

  3. Recruitment/staffing agencies in Germany place ≈ 1,000,000 candidates per year. In 2019 they received the highest fees since 18 years. Germany presents about 3.280,000 taxable companies, which pay some of the highest salaries in the world.

  4. On 05/12/2019, just before C-19, the German companies had posted 3,205,384 jobs online.

    NOTE: These are "only" the online numbers in jobs. Because of the characteristics of the German HR market the total number in jobs is significantly higher (more about that and the newest numbers in our Latest Reports).

  5. Lots of German companies meanwhile doubled their international recruitment in 2019. Foreign HR agencies & recruiters from all over the world profit from that and by the new immigration law by placing their candidates in Germany.

Is Your Staffing & Recruitment Business Influenced by C-19?

Our clients are the agile CEOs and owner of small and mid-sized foreign HR agencies and also singel recruiters & executive searchers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, the Americas & Africa. They wisely used that (hopefully soon-ending) "global timeout" as a real chance for new business. In Germany.


By profiting from our 26 years of volume placement experience and insider know-how about the German HR market they expand their business activities by placing their candidates in one of the globally largest markets for the private employment & recruitment services industry.


During the last 3,5 months we advised especially those foreign agencies, who look for contacts to German companies and want to exploit all their chances for growth and a successful market entry in Germany.


Now you surely are interested in some more hard facts & numbers: 


The following data are from Inter/national sources (OECD, Ifo, Eurostat, Statista etc.). Visit us regularly, to be updated.






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