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Germany is one of the strongest and leading economies in the world and the powerhouse of a whole continent: Europe. Since years the country experiences an economic miracle and steadily offers more than 1,3 million (!) vacant jobs (sources: IAB/AfA, see the images). 

Especially in IT, engineering, technology, craft, production, medicine/healthcare, sales, office and many, many other professions (list of most wanted professions here). According to the OECD Germany now is the #2 of the most popular and attractive countries in the world for foreign women and men, who look for


  • good and well-payed jobs (currently 1,3 million vacant positions)
  • want to make an internationally accepted career
  • study at some of the best universities (4.316 bachelor programmes / 425 universities)
  • internships / traineeships (=Praktika) for first job experience
  • or excellent apprenticeships / vocational trainings to become a professional 
    (currently 580.000 vacant apprenticeships for over 326 recognized training professions)

Jobsearch, job change, applying for jobs, job interviews or having successful salary negotiations and making career in Germany often is very different to your home country and to other countries in the world.

And that's why more than 70% (!) of foreign professionals & young talents (f/m) face unnecessary problems here. They could get many more excellent and well-payed jobs in Germany more easily. But they simply don't know, how to increase their chances. And they don't understand or follow the German process of hiring and applying for jobs. 


Fatal mistakes ruin your chances for good jobs! Is your application for Germany really perfect? You are an experienced professional, a manager, a graduate or simply a young woman / man and look for a very good job in Germany? But you get rejected many times or don't get any reactions from the companies? Then you most likely apply wrong and make 1 or more of the following, fatal mistakes many foreigners (f/m) make:

  • Cover Letter (= Bewerbungsschreiben): 
    much too long/short - non-existent - egocentrism with stereo-ptypes and (too much) self-praise - psychological unwise - "begging" formulations - chanting the CV - looks like a  spam letter - not targetes to the job & position - no structure - no paragraphs - name of contact person missing/ spelt wrongly - inappropriate/casual email address - empty phrases - rude - too familiar - unmotivated - urges action from the recruiter - makes demands - . . .
  • CV / Resume (Lebenslauf): 
    wrong format - critical structure - non-focussed - no C3-strategy - using the Europass CV model (at all and in the wrong way) - data incorrect - false information (= "hard lies") - important data missing - badly designed - email address infantile/ nonserious - (hiding) gaps - . . .
  • Photo: 
    non-professional (e.g. by mobile phone) - private - non-existent - full-body - too small/big - inappropriate clothing - wrong position - outdated - looks younger/different than in reality - no smile - "police photo" - ...
  • Competence Profile (for managers, experienced professionals & experts):
    completely missing - unknown?
  • References:
    missing - problematic - too short
  • Other mistakes: 
    inconsistent in typeface/fonts - mistakes in orthography / punctuation - spam applications (e.g. other companies in the email body) - . . .

    (to be continued)

You assume that your application (e.g. CV, cover letter, references etc.) could ruin your chances for good jobs in Germany? You don't know the German way of getting hired? Then this is the number you need to call: 


  • 0179 / 52 99 251 (from Germany from 5 pm)
  • 0049 (0)179 / 52 99 251 (international calls from 5 pm German time) 


Call us now (e.g. by WhatsApp) for more information or simply order your individual consultation with Peter M. Barnefske (see below).


Peter M. Barnefske (PMB): Your personal consultant

Your personal consultant, Peter M. Barnefske (50), is an experienced (26 years), internationally active (see the international TV-/Media-Reportsand well-known German expert for:


  • Direct JobHunting and active JobSearch
  • Applying in Germany and in countries of the European Union
  • German labour market
  • International TalentHunting
  • Outplacement (mass dismissals)
Since 1994 he successfully coached and advised thousands of foreign and German female and male candidates, managers, experts and young talents in large multi-day seminars and individual consultations to get better jobs and higher salaries in Germany. 


In your individual consultation 

  • he checks, shows, explains and corrects every single mistake in your application
    and your steps in applying in Germany
  • he creates and perfects your complete application
  • he reveals you decisive secrets from over 12,000 consultations
  • he shows you best practice ecxamples and the most effective job hunting strategies
  • and much more
You want to have success in Germany? Simpy call him or book his consultation (below) to get


  • better jobs and positions 
  • higher salaries
  • and to make carreer


You wish, that PMB presents you and your application professionally and directly to your desired employers and to the decision makers (inverse headhunting) in the companies? Simply tell him. He also actively supports you with efficient JobHunting. 

Booking of your personal consultation from wherever you are in the world now

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Of course you can choose your consultation topics and the duration yourself. For example:


  • Applying: Check/ creating/ writing/ perfecting of your complete application (esp. CV, Cover Letter). If you wish also LIVE by WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or our video-conferencing system.

  • Direct company contacts: We present your profile directly to German and international companies, HR managers/consultants, headhunters and recruiters.

  • Active JobHunting & Applying Calls by phone: Training you for the most effective job search strategies in Germany.

  • Job Chances: Assessment of your real job chances in Germany.

  • German language: Where to find courses for free or low priced.

  • Studying: The best universities for your field of study. (Currently 4.316 bachelor programmes at 425 universities)

  • Vocational/Professional trainings: How you choose, find and apply. (Currently 580.000 vacant apprenticeships in over 326 different recognised Geman training professions). 

  • Job Interview: Training of telephone interviews & personal German job interviews.

  • References: Preparing, analyzing, decoding and correction of your German "Arbeitszeugnis".

  • ... and of course all what is important for you. Feel free to ask us!


BONUS 1:  Discounts for our seminars, translations, German language courses etc.
BONUS 2:  Free enlistment in our database and check for matching jobs.


All individual consultations are offered on affordable low and discounted prices. Wherever you currently are in the world - by only 1 click you will have your live consultation with Peter M. Barnefske.


  • Process:
    (1) Choose your preferred duration of an individual consultation from below. 
         We usually recommend 2
    -3 hours. 
    (2) Then send us an email with your documents (e.g. CV, Cover Letter) and
          all your
    questions for the consultation to:
    (3) We (= mostly Peter M. Barnefske himself) will return with a call/email asap
          and offer you 1-2 date proposals.

  • Discounted group-consultations:
    You are a group of minimum 3 people? Simply ask for special rates before.

  • Your registration / payment needs to include:
    Your name + phone number + email address (+ Skype-ID, if available)

  • Cancellation: Refunds are possible when cancelling minimum 10 days before date! Substitute persons (e.g. friends/colleagues) are welcome with your booking code.

  • You prefer a bank transfer instead of Paypal? Simply use:

PHOENIX GIR / Peter M. Barnefske

Sparkasse Rosenheim

IBAN:   DE 42 7115 0000 0000 011767


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