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I/We all hope, that you and your families stay healthy in that globally challenging situation!


The HR markets in most countries are influenced by C-19 and many HR agencies internationally are suffering economically from it. But bad times are always followed by better times. And smart CEOs and owners are always prepared. Therefore:

Are you already prepared for placing your candidates in Germany?

Germany fights C-19 hard and already reopens its economy again step by step. And our clients, the very agile CEOs of small to mid-sized foreign HR agencies and single recruiters, just prepare to place their candidates in Germany, which is Europe's #1 HR market and one of the largest and strongest HR markets globally (#4) in the private employment and recruitment services industry.


Already since weeks we advice and support especially those agencies and recruiters from abroad, who still have not enough insider know-how, experiences or company contacts in the German HR market. And by our G.E.T. Germany Expansion Trainings they get ready before the German recruiters and HR managers in the companies hire on full speed again and push the economy like they did before C-19. For more and detailed information see (y)our fully packed "Germany-HR-News 05.2020 for Foreign HR Agencies & Recruiters".

A short excerpt from the introduction

"Germany globally is among the largest countries in terms of revenues in the private employment services industry. In 2019 the recruitment businesses in Germany received the highest fees since 18 years. The sales revenues in 2018 reached 34,3 billion Euro and over 1.000.000 candidates have been placed (WEC).

Europe’s pulsing economical powerhouse is not only leading in fighting C-19. The country is relatively “immune” to the economic fluctuations in the world as the German HR market already since 10 years shows an exceptional performance. The internationally called “German job miracle” (Job-Wunder) inter alia is displayed by one of the lowest unemployment-rates all over Europe: 3,2%. Just before C-19 the companies in Germany offered record highs in jobs. An impressive number of 1.410.000 in Q4/19 ..."

Update: Even in Q1/2020 the number of jobs is above the 1 million mark.

Some images from the Germany-HR-News 05.2020:

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When reading the "Germany-HR-News 05.2020" you will notice: The German companies need skilled workers, experiences professionals, specialists, managers and also young talents in very large numbers. Before that (let's call it optimistically) "global timeout" lots of German companies with mainly qualified staff more than doubled (!) their recruitments of candidates from all around the world.


Therefore: Be prepared and act now! Since years foreign staffing agencies already profit from the strong German HR market and place their candidates, who enormously increasing want to move to Germany now.

“Country Rankings” from where immigrants and candidates move or want to move to Germany

(1. - 4. are data from the Migration Report, BAMF)

1. In general:

  1. Romania
  2. Poland
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Italy
  5. Croatia
  6. Turkey
  7. Hungary
  8. USA
  9. India
  10. Greece

and: Syria, Serbia, Spain, Bosnia & Herz.,
China, UK, France, Russian Fed., Austria,

N. Macedonia

2. For work:

  1. Serbia
  2. Bosnia & Herz.
  3. USA
  4. Kosovo
  5. N. Macedonia
  6. Albania
  7. India
  8. Japan
  9. Turkey
  10. China

and: Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, Russian Fed., Korea (Rep.), Pakistan, Egypt, Iran

3. Vocational training

  1. Vietnam
  2. Bosnia & Herz.
  3. China
  4. USA
  5. Kosovo
  6. Georgia
  7. Ukraine
  8. Indonesia
  9. Albania
  10. Brazil

and: Morocco, Serbia, India


4. Graduates from universities:

     (= option to stay in Germany)


1. China
2. Turkey
3. India
4. Russian Fed.
5. Italy
6. Austria
7. France
8. Ukraine
9. Poland
10. Iran

and: Korea (Rep), Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, USA, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cameroon, Indonesia, Luxembg, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Syria, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco, Japan

EU European Union (Freedom of movement monitoring, BAMF)

  1.  Romania
  2. Poland
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Italy
  5. Croatia*
  6. Hungary
  7. Greece
  8. Spain
  9. Slovakia
  10. France

and: Lithuania, UK, Netherlands, Czech Rep., Austria, Portugal, Latvia, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden

Google search
"Jobs in Germany":

(within last 6 months)

  1. Albania
  2. North Macedonia
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Kosovo
  5. Uganda
  6. Pakistan
  7. Bosnia & Herz.
  8. Ghana
  9. Lebanon
  10. UAE (Emirates)

and: Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Serbia, Oman, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ireland, South Africa, Qatar, Georgia, India, Jordan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Nepal, St. Helena, Sri Lanka

Google search

"Working in Germany":

(within last 6 months)

  1. Nigeria
  2. UAE (Emirates)
  3. Pakistan
  4. South Africa
  5. Philippines
  6. UK
  7. Netherlands
  8. Australia
  9. India
  10. Vietnam

Wish, to immigrate to Germany for work

(BCG, Stepstone):

  1. Bosnia & Herz.
  2. Albania
  3. Iran
  4. Morocco
  5. Tunisia
  6. Serbia
  7. Mexico
  8. Turkey
  9. Croatia
  10. Ghana

So be ready. We will guide you. It is good to (get to) know you, so please stay healthy! With kindest regards. Yours


Peter M. Barnefske


PS: Expansion Trainings for Switzerland and Austria are already being prepared